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Visitors to Miami International Airport will soon be picking up their rental cars in a new state of the art $305 million, 3.4 million square foot Rental Car Center (RCC). It took about 5 minutes to go through the spiel, inspect the car, decline waiver, decline the convertible options at 90% reduced prices, and then I was on my way with a full tank ready to explore Miami. If the rental car company won't cooperate, some credit card companies may say too bad" and stick you with the LOU bill.

Returning the car is also easy to do as it is well signposted from the airport and is one entrance for all the rental companies. After the sun sets and the city's skyline lights up, Miami's bravado is pumped up a few notches. You can get there in under 20 minutes via the I-95 N and FL-836 W. Hiring a car at Miami Airport is a fantastic option as it allows you to see all of Florida at your own pace.

Miami car rentals are part of traveling for many people, but it isn't always as hassle-free as many believe it to be. There are many ways to make mistakes when renting a car, but there are other ways to come out on top. However, when people reminisce about their Florida Keys travel memories, one thing in particular typically stands out.

If you read the small print of most of the rental companies it says if you rent with a debit card they will run a credit check on you before accepting a debit card as a deposit and they do so for the reason above. When rental cars are damaged, loss-of-use penalties are applied to compensate the company for revenue lost while the vehicle is under repair.

The rental car lot can also be a great place to step outside your comfort zone. Location: North Terminal, Concourse D, 1st Level, landside, between International Arrivals and Carousel 22. Hours: Unknown, but a reader let us know that it is not open 24 hours. It also provides complimentary services such as delivery to various locations in South Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

Weekly rates are almost always cheaper than daily rates, and coupon specials often apply only to weekly rentals. We understand that your success depends on us, which is why ACO makes it easy to rent a car at the Miami airport. If this is your first time visiting Miami, an important aspect to remember is that you must drive on the right hand side of the road.

The best Fort Lauderdale Car Rentals - Whether you think of it as Fort Lauderdale or Ft. Lauderdale, 441 Auto Rentals provides the best Ft. Lauderdale car rentals at the Hollywood office and, for your convenience, Fort Lauderdale Airport car rentals when you visit the greater Miami, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale community - in other best for Miami car rentals in general.

The Fort Lauderdale airport is only 30 miles (48 km) north of the Port of Miami. Although Miami has a significantly higher amount of travelers from all over the US and beyond than other markets, local Miamians are still the most sizable population of renters.

Check out Web sites such as and These sites offer nifty discounts on car rentals to consumers who are willing to be locked into a preset price before finding out which national car rental chain will be providing the car. Miami is located in the southeastern portion of Florida on the Miami River and located near the Atlantic Ocean.

We compare car hire companies to find you a great deal. Internationally, US Car Hire provides an array of options to satisfy the needs of our valued customers in many different countries. A few "must sees" in Florida include the Kennedy Space centre at Cape Canaveral, Palm Beach and St Augustine, the oldest city in the USA.

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