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Essential Oils For Couples

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Richard and Allie Benson built the Massage & Healing Center with a passion and burning desire to help people in mind, body, and spirit. The mixture of essential oils as well as carrier oils combine for the perfect texture to spread over your lover. It is made from 100 percent pure and natural therapeutic oils which means it has no any forms of additives. If you have sensitive skin, avoid essential oils such as peppermint, thyme, orange, melissa, lemon verbena, lemon, basil, fennel and lemongrass.

It also contains a blend of lavender and rosemary essential oils, which release a relaxing fragrance, as well as olive oil and sunflower seed oils that hydrate your skin. It contains almond and jojoba oil that are perfectly blended to create just the right absorption rate, which means it helps hands glide on the skin without leaving a greasy buildup.

Consult a qualified aromatherapist to make sure any essential oils used are safe t0 use topically. The stroking technique is essentially long gentle movements with your hands along a portion of her body. Enjoy a 2-night package for £485, which includes a Jetty Spa Trail and couples massage.

Extracted from almonds, sweet almond oil is pale yellow in color. This is the main hurdle for many people - using something that's not branded like KY. But from all of the accounts out there, using pure virgin coconut oil is a great alternative to the name brands.

The Great Intoxicator." This is a Young Living specific blend of some of nature's most exotic and aromatic (think seductive!) essential oils (ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, jasmine, clary sage, sandalwood more). 100% Pure, Natural, Vegan, essential nutrients and therapeutic goodness enriched Soulflower Romance Aroma Oil is the best sex massage oil oil that promotes euphoria, wellness & relaxation; it turns on your mood, softens skin & relaxes muscles.

And so Elena developed her own line of Love Massage Oils. Sesame oil is excellent to massage the body. Essential oils can increase sensual and sexual energy, that's for sure. Our Massage Gift Set is a spa-themed set that includes the essentials for a relaxing massage, including Aroma Siez essential oil and our unique V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex.

I also highly recommend using a massage oil based on NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS, and not anything artificial or with synthetic ingredients. Melrose Sweet almond oil is a classic base oil for many therapists, it contains 100% Sweet Almond oil. Australian Sandalwood - drops - (base: soft, woody, warm, hint of balsam) - a natural mood-lifter, heightens the senses, promotes relaxation, and opens the airways.

A rich oil with a distinctive aroma, cocoa butter is solid at room temperature and has a heavy texture, so it is often blended with other oils or used only for small areas. Oregano - 5 - 6 drops - (middle: warm, spicy, herbaceous) - anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic; also aids with digestion and detoxifies the body.

Young Living's new Cool Azul essential oil blend is ideal for massage before, during, and after physical activities. • Essential oils can reduce stress and elevate mood , which can promote increased feelings of sensuality and sexual energy. Aside from their fragrance, essential oils can help to set a romantic mood, boost confidence and much more.

There are cooling oils to calm the nervous system, warming oils to excite and increase libido, oils that help open up emotions and increase communication and oils that promote a single minded sense of passion, concentration and sexual fervor. A massage oil is used to massage the body and give you a rejuvenating experience.

Want to try Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oils but don't know which scent to pick? Chinese Rose - 2 - 3 drops - (middle: soft, spicy, sweet, floral) - relaxes; adds depth to the blend's aroma. Specially design for couple messaging, this vanilla sensual oil will bring more love to your relationship.

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