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Jetsmarter, Inc. Do me a favor, download the app here , play around with it and see if the flights and shuttles from your area will be a good fit. JetSmarter has become the closest thing we have to Uber for private jets. While JetSmarter looks shiny and exciting on the surface, services like Jettly offer great customer service, affordable prices, and an enhanced feeling of luxury.

The innovations of these companies are providing cheap private jet flights to the customers. Anyone that has written a bad review clearly does not have the money to afford the service as they have never experienced JetSmarter because they and their concierge are top notch and on point 24-7!

"Through the SHAREDCHARTER service, we're looking to give our members more affordability than ever before by providing a shared flight option for charter services. I downloaded the JetSmarter app a while ago but never ended up booking anything as there was simply no routing available where I needed to go. The focus is on connections in the U.S. as well as in Europe (limited).

When you have a problem, it is terrible." My experience was all good, but my experience is also limited to three deals flights on a free trial membership. If you're lucky, you can avoid the madness of Thanksgiving travel on a peaceful private jet. Those empty seats and flights can be offered to travelers for less than the typical price of chartering a jet and for a fee that may be at least in the same ballpark as the cost of a first class ticket.

Each passenger was handed out a large iPad and JetSmarter branded headset for the inflight entertainment. Members acknowledged that the company has to make money and grow its business, but they had trouble with the fact that after paying for a membership, the terms of that membership changed drastically.

JetSmarter puts flying private in the palm of your hand. The biggest difference between Wheels Up and JetSmarter is behind the scenes. Technically the aircraft seats 13, but the company's policy is to fill only 12 of the 13 seats since three are actually on a three place divan.

The good thing is, these days, there are a lot of new startups that will allow you to fly private and share the jet with others so you don't have to be a multi-millionaire to take advantage of the service. According to him the flights are filled with young professionals who travel frequently.

• JETSHUTTLE - Join other members on scheduled shuttle routes, and book seats up to two months in advance. But instead, Jetsmarter chartered a replacement jet, a JetLinx Challenger 604, to take us out to Denver. It's like a member-only Uber for private jets. Jetsmarter CEO Sergey Petrossov said the company will add flights to Boston, Atlanta and Chicago in the next two weeks.

June 2017 update: Jetsmarter has given away thousands of free three-month memberships to people with elite status on airlines, or who accrued a million credit card point (in their LIVES). For example, if the industry were to target less wealthy people (first and business class passengers), and if empty seats cost less, the industry could grow to 3 million customers.

Today, JetSmarter has five offices globally and arranges flights within 170 different countries. Download the free JetSmarter app, and complete the in-app registration. With JetSmarter now publicly stating its policy, I feel more confident in saying that the operator is a safe choice to make for those looking for an alternative to the major commercial airlines.

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