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Walking helps control your blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease. It also increases your stamina, making your heart work with less chronic stress to pump blood to the body. Walking exercise also reduces your risk for illnesses (like cancer and type 2 diabetes) and injuries like hip fractures. It can serve as a great stress reliever, contribute to your positive well-being, and be a pillar of your weight loss plan.

signs of diabetesRisk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes are significantly reduced among those who eat nuts daily. Additionally because nuts contain high levels of unsaturated fats they reduce high blood pressure cholesterol levels as well.

The Baby Food Diet (avoid it): Celebrities Lady Ga Ga, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are reportedly fans of this diet. It calls for eating up to 4 jars of pureed food or baby food every day. It works because of portion control and restricted calories. Not even a baby should be made to do this.

Flax seed meal has a nutty flavor. Use two tablespoons of flaxseed meal to get a serving of omega 3 fatty acids in your daily diet. Add to cereals, pancakes, pies, or bake into breads and muffins. If you buy flaxseed meal or make your own, keep it in the refrigerator once you open the package or make a fresh batch. You can grind flax seeds in an inexpensive coffee grinder to get a meal consistency. Or use a blender that grinds grain into meal, such as the dry grinding blade attachment of a Vita-Mix.

Dietary fiber is something you do not want to forget either. Fiber will help you with digestion and facilitate cleaning out your digestive system to help you get all of the nutritional value from the other foods you take in.

You will look and feel better about yourself. When you lose weight, you carry yourself with greater confidence for, let's face it, you will look better. When you get slimmer, you can fit into many of your old clothes so you save the money you would have spent buying new, larger clothes.

Weight gain and weight loss are determined by the number of calories you consume in a day and the number of calories you burn through exercise. If your calories coming in equal the number being used, your weight will stay the same. If you take in more calories than you spend, your weight will increase. If you burn more calories than you ingest, your weight will decrease. As you can see, your eating habits control your weight.

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