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Raw Food Diet (avoid it): It's the practice of eating raw uncooked food and non-pasteurised/non-homogenised dairy products. This diet can be used by vegans and meat eaters. It works because its low fat and low calories. Many of the higher calorie raw foods are excluded like rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. The diet takes a lot of time and has little chance of long term success. This diet is time consuming; socially isolating and you'll have an awful lot of chewing to do.

lose weight quicklyThe next thing you need to seriously consider is change. Having to live with diabetes may not be easy but it can be done. You need to change a lot of things and so you have to be prepared for this. One of the many things that you need to consider changing is your diet. You have to say goodbye to food containing high glucose and fats. Try to eat a balanced diet. Increase your intake of high-fiber, raw foods.

The first learning point was that the body needs water and lots of it. Out went sugared fizzy drinks and in came plain boiled water. The Swedes call it Silver Tea, I'm told, and it is very refreshing. Now a cup starts every day and two or three more follow. Low calorie tonic water is also useful (the quinine helps prevent cramps), mineral water (I especially like carbonated forms), low calorie Ginger Beer and cold filtered tap water.

Years ago, I tried the Yoplait yogurt diet and lost fast weight loss while on it. This was without exercise. On a mission to find a new effective diet to try out in combination with an exercise regimen, I have recently decided to go back on this diet because it did work so well for me in the past.

Get active. Find activities that you enjoy and get out there and do them. Don't make those activities passive activities either. Even if it's just going out to play shuffleboard everyday get out there and play. Enjoy your time in the sun. Pick flowers with the little ones. Take up golf. Do whatever it takes to get up and moving each and every day in order to remember why you want to live forever in the first place.

One of the most serious repercussions of obesity is type 2 diabetes, and more new occurrences appear annually. What has become even more scary is the rising chance of this condition in young people who are also seriously overweight. The onset of diabetes happens because study has demonstrated a high link involving insulin resistance and morbid obesity. There is little doubt that years of ingesting high sugar content food items and beverages plays a tremendous role. One very unhealthy ingredient used in countless sodas is high fructose corn syrup. This mixture is much like extremely concentrated sugar and can send glucose levels soaring.

Hair loss. In the event that your hair is falling out prematurely don't blame genetics, look closely at how you manage stress better in your life and then determine if there are things you can do to cope with it more successfully.

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