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In 2004, Lance Armstrong started something that no one knew would become an overnight sensation. The former cyclist, started the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer survivors and with it, he began selling, for one dollar each bright yellow silicone wristbands with the word Livestrong on it. Almost overnight, the foundation became a huge success because hundreds of U.S. citizens seemed to want one of these bracelets and they quickly sold out across the nation. This is how the silicone bracelet take over started. silicone wristbands cheap People who wanted the same kind of support for other causes realized selling these items with their slogans written on them were a quick and easy way to make a lot of money for their foundation and raise awareness for the cause at the same time. Now, in late 2009, there are numerous organizations who sell items just like the ones Lance Armstrong had.

design wristbandsWearing a pink band around your wrist in October almost always means you have given money towards breast cancer research or you just want to help raise awareness of the situation. These came out not a whole lot later than Lance Armstrong came out with the Livestrong bands. They are now being marketed in department stores and boutiques all over the country and they are also extremely popular. Donations for breast cancer research grown rapidly since the bands were introducted to the market and now there is more support than ever before to help find a cure.

A few years ago, European soccer clubs and players chose to begin an end racism cause and they came up with a band that says "Stand Up Speak Up." The campaign helped raise awareness of the issue, which otherwise may have gone unnoticed, as studies illustrated before the rubber wristbands, people were unaware of extent of the racism problem in European soccer. The campaign partnered with a major sportswear manufacturer and famous European soccer stars to promote the black where to make wristbands and white band, which symbolizes friendship between Whites and Blacks.

The "One" campaign founders also started selling their own rubber wristlets with the word "One" written on it with a simple white color. This cause was created to help raise awareness and get people to join the fight against AIDS and custom wristbands global poverty. Through the purchase of the rubber bands individuals know they have donated to the cause and by wearing the item, they are raising awareness of the issue. These, which are a lot like the Live strong bands, are sold for one dollar a piece. The founders of this campaign also partnered with famous music bands and actors to help support and encourage the cause and encourage others to join the battle.

Since the Live strong bands in the early 2000s, pretty much every major campaign has sold bands to go with the campaign. This cheap, easy to make product can really help increase donations and it helps getting out the word about of the campaign. It is interesting to think that when Lance Armstrong first thought about selling rubber bracelets, he probably had no idea that he would change the way global causes gain financial support and how they raise awareness around the world.

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