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When it comes to working on your car, few things are more important than having the right tools for the job. The long handle attached to the jack allows a user to apply modest pressure downward but create lots of pressure upward, thereby letting a person weighing only a couple hundred pounds, give or take, to elevate a vehicle weighing many thousands of pounds.

These car jacks are made from high-grade steel, which makes them structurally sound and strong. Once you have lifted the car with your garage jack, you can use the car creeper to maneuver. For me, a floor jack with at least a 16" lift was best. Doing so can cause air to enter the closed system and cause jack failure when lifting.

The great weight of a car, truck, or trailer can actually push a jack down into many surfaces, such as obvious culprits such as dirt or gravel but including soft asphalt. Moreover, it works on fast list technology to ensure a quick lift to the jacking point without any load.

Floor jacks employ a variety of mechanisms to impart lifting force: most often these mechanisms include hydraulics and lead screws. This floor jack has a lift range of 4 inches to 20 ½ inches, which makes it ideal to lift different types of load, thanks to the variable lift range.

Universal Hydraulic and Jack Oil by Sta-Lube®, 15 oz. A medium weight hydraulic oil blended of a high quality paraffinic base oil with anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-foam, anti-wear, and seal swell additives. Our large selection of jacks includes models for cars, trucks, and transmissions.

These jacks benefit from the fact that they are compact, fairly light in weight, and do not require any ongoing maintenance. It is constructed from aluminum billet, which is quite sturdy and will not twist or wobble when you are lifting the loads. This jack is one of a kind as it can lift and support weight up to 6000 pounds.

If you need to lift you vehicle a considerable distance off the ground, or if your lifting points are high due to large tires then consider purchasing a floor jack with a high lifting range. The Pittsburgh 2 ton floor jack has the capacity to lift and support loads of up to 2 tons, comfortably.

Another aspect of a floor jack to consider also has to do with weight; not with the jack's weight lifting capacity, but rather with its actual weight. The easy-gliding swivel wheels make it easy to place the Torin floor jack at the exact spot that it is required.

Each jack is unique to a specific job, so if you're not sure, trust Ranger to set you up with the right hydraulic floor jack for your shop or garage. Everyone has a different budget but expect to spend between $150 and $250 for a solid, easy-to-use, and reliable floor jack.

✓ This is a low profile jack, which will make it easy to place it under the lowered and custom cars. The valve in a hydraulic jack fills up with liquid that can't be compressed, and this raises a mechanical lifting arm which stays exactly at the level of the hydraulic fluid until you decide to release the pressure.

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