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Celebrity-endorsed and backed JetSmarter, touted as the 'œUber for jet planes,' allegedly owes its workers tens of thousands in missed overtime fees. Especially upsetting for people who paid the Smart Membership price of US$15,000 unless there will be some improvements. Currently based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, JetSmarter offers access to more than 3,000 aircraft available for booking. PLUS, pay-as-you-fly access to whole aircraft charters.

These flights typically appear in the JetSmarter app within 24 hours of takeoff and they are impossible to predict as they only appear when a jet operator needs to reposition aircraft for a paying customer. We thought if we offered that excessive supply to the business-class passengers of regular airlines, it would be a great disruptive service," Petrossov said.

JetSuite is a private jet charter service that is affiliated with jetBlue. Jetsmarter Inc has applied for 9 LC and LCA from fiscal year 2015 to 2017. With a wide range of services to offer, JetSmarter is known as the ‘Uber for private jets'. Eliminating the inconvenience of traditional flying, the company has brought a smart way of flying hassle free.

From $1,285 each way, fliers travel on a Bombardier commercial jet retrofitted with 16 seats and receive an array of amenities such as catered meals from Dean & Deluca as well as iPad Pros loaded with first-run movies; they also get accommodations for the weekend at Faena Miami, a luxury beachfront hotel.

Through this new offering, members are now able to create personalized charter flights through the app and offer the unused seats for purchase to other members. When I think of private jets, I think of old white men billionaire CEOs or the unlimited amount of douchebags on Instagram.

JetSmarter is backed by a significant amount of international venture capital. Part of JetSmarter's aim is to create a members' club which allows customers to network, do business deals (and perhaps even speed date?) at 35,000 feet. JetSmarter doesn't operate with their own aircraft.

However, with changing technology, private flying is no exception. With a SIMPLE membership, you have access to two main types of private jet flights: JetDeals and JetShuttles. We've used the private charter, shared charter and shuttle options and have even established our own shuttle.

JetSmarter has been publicly endorsed by Kim Kardashian and rapper Rick Ross, who worked the company into his lyrics. The JetSmarter terminal is located outside of OAK International Airport at KOAK (Kaiser Air), hangar 4. Be sure to allocate extra time to find Kaiser Air if it's your first time because it can be confusing if you're taking an Uber.

It's not all rosy and not all private jets are big and luxurious — in fact, a lot of them are kind of like small, regional jets — but, there's something really great about it. Flights from companies like JetSuite, Blade and JetSmarter can turn out to be reasonably priced, especially for groups.

The upper-income class -has resulted in ideal conditions for member-driven and on-demand luxury business models, like that of JetSmarter Business and first-class travelers are experiencing increased purchasing power and access to what were once exclusive markets and services.

Petrossov's booking system offers an additional step to making private jet travel more flexible and affordable than the fractional ownership offered by NetJets, the luxury aviation business at Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. As the terms and day to day opportunities stand right now, I do think JetSmarter can be worth it for an adventurous frequent traveler who has the cash to spend.

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