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Remove Porn

2018.07.01 03:55

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Free porn is abundant online. Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can access thousands of free porn images and videos for.

Porn on a computer can lead to an individual being fired or arrested.

In situation in which porn arrives without the user's knowledge, innocent individuals may find it hard to prove the source of the porn that may lead to their dismissal from work or worse being arrested for something they did not do.

Porn can get on a user's computer with and without their knowledge

Most users do not know that images are automatically stored on a computer whenever a site is visited. Sites are visited intentionally or unintentionally by either being redirected or by clicking the wrong link. In addition, what is less known to most users is that viruses, Spyware and Malware add porrno free porn to user's computers without their knowledge.

How do you protect yourself? Simply Deleting porn is not enough!

There is a difference between deletion and secure deletion. Most users do not know that simply deleting something keeps it on the computer and it can be recovered and undeleted. This because computer are designed to allow us to retrieve items we deleted by mistake.

Why do you need Secure Deletion?

Secure deletion on the other hand is when a file is deleted in a way that it can never be retrieved. No traces are left on the computer and the data is completely erased.

There are software designed specifically to scan, detect and remove porn permanently. Porn detection involves complex algorithms that scan images pixel by pixel, determining skin tone saturation and curvature. The same is done for video in which case the software scans frames of the video.

This is the only way for the user to ensure that all porn on their computer is both detected and removed permanently.

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Similarly to anti-virus software which most users have on their computers, porn detection and deletion software provide protection from unwanted porn on the user's computer. We are all used to scan our computers for viruses regularly. The same should be done for porn. Porn scans should be run on a regular basis to ensure that all porn is detected and deleted.

After using specialized porn detection software, users are often surprised to find porn on their computers having already performed manual deletion earlier.

Be Safe. Protect yourself, family and job. Scan and remove porn now.