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When it comes to candle making, molds are obviously a very important component. Without a mold, it will be extremely difficult to make a candle. Their job is to give your candle support and shape. Needless to say like everything, there are endless shapes and also different types of molds made out of different materials, including plastic, metal, rubber, glass and even wooden.

Plastic molds are probably best if you are a beginner as they are durable, so you don't have to be concerned with damaging the mold. Unfortunately they do not last as long, however they are great to practice on. Metal molds are quite popular, last much longer than plastic and don't have the seam that other molds have, eliminating the need to trim the wax. Perhaps the only disadvantage to metal molds is that the wax tends to stick, making cleaning them a bit more tedious.

Rubber candle molds are becoming very popular and they come in a range of different materials, being latex, polyurethane and silicone. These molds are for the more advanced candle makers. Due to their flexibility you can make many different shapes but you need to take care when you are pouring hot wax that the shape you desire is not lost. They are very durable and tend to stretch quite well making it easier to remove your candle once cooled. Although they cost more than plastic or metal molds there are lots of advantages to using rubber candle molds.

The styles of candle molds are endless. Whatever shape you desire you can probably buy it. Tea lights are extremely popular these days are usually mass produced in round shapes, however there are many more exciting shapes to be made such as: hearts, flowers, balls - as long as it floats, you are only limited by your imagination. Tea lights, also used to heat fondues, have become hugely popular as table decorations in recent times for subtle lighting.

If you desire to make a certain style of candle and cannot find a mold to suit, why not make your own. If you have a container that is clean, has no rust, is leak proof, can stand very hot temperature and you can release the candle when it's cooled, then you may be able to make your own. Glass is a perfect mold for making gel candles, and there are many different glass molds to choose from. Glass is great due to the fact that the candle is easily removed, however do take care when pouring the hot wax as finer glass is prone to breakages. Gel candles do not have to be removed making wine glasses and different glass shapes ideal. There are all sorts of different shapes to make candles from, some being:

o novelty animals shapes
o hearts
o cylindrical
o tea lights
o angel and cherubs
o XXX rated
o Seasonal, eg Christmas, Halloween
o Baked goods, eg: cake slices
o Fruit and Vegetable
o Art Deco

The list goes on and on. You can buy or make just about any shape of candle that you desire. There are candles for every occasion.

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