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Following up on our OnePlus 5T: First 10 Things to Do! Is it the 'hide the notch' option or the iPhone X-like gestures? Enable Gaming mode via: Settings >> Advanced >> Gaming Do Not Disturb. You can turn on gestures from Settings>> Buttons>> Navigation bar and gestures. Just tap on the App Locker and enter your PIN and you can tell it which apps need extra security.

If you choose to rely on the capacitive buttons, you can set long-press and double-press actions for the back, home, and recents button. There's a Reader Mode baked right into the OxygenOS that uses the ambient light sensor on the phone to tweak the color temperatures and makes the display screen far more one plus chennai comfortable on your eyes during a long and leisurely reading session.

By default disable calls auto recording in OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS. You can enable auto recording notification and also select favorite contacts to recording calls in OnePlus 6 using phone call setting. After heading over to Settings, users will need to go to Buttons and then tap on Navigation bar & gestures.

The 5T has an automatic mode, just like the OnePlus 5 does - which is miles better than having to manually toggle it on and off every night like you did on older phones. Icon Manager: Under this option, you can choose the icons you want to see or hide from the Status Bar of your phone.

Since the launch of the iPhone X last year, most of the recent phones have jumped aboard the notch-wagon, including the OnePlus 6. However, if you're not a fan of this design, the good news is that you can turn the feature off and revert to the standard 18:9 aspect ratio.

However, the gestures available on the 5T give you a lot of control over the phone. OnePlus's OxygenOS has a feature of Navigation gestures so that you can navigate through your device without needing to use the navigation buttons every time. You can come out from the pinned screen just by double tapping the back button.

You can choose to keep it at the bottom of the screen by tapping on Fixed navigation bar, which always shows it. But there's also the option to hide it and show it only when you'd like, by tapping a button on the left-hand corner of the display. Next time you open the app drawer, you'll see two icons for the apps you selected.

Choose this option if you completely want to make use of the 19:9 ration gorgeous display. The upgrade to Android Nougat is finally available for the OnePlus 3 smartphone through the latest OxygenOS version. Long press an empty spot on the homescreen, tap Settings and switch the Swipe Down toggle to enable it. Now, you have much easier access to your notifications.

OxygenOS on the OnePlus 5T adds some great features to Android, including the new Face Unlock (like Apple's FaceID), a gaming mode, gesture support and bonus security features. OnePlus 5 reading mode feature lets you read documents and the like things without harming your eyes.

At top position then this will put your OnePlus smartphone into silent mode. And along with that, there are some OnePlus 5 Tricks that will help them choose it over any other phone. Just enable pocket mode on your device to get rid of pocket-dial problem. We've compiled the best OnePlus 5T tips and tricks that'll help you master your new phone and take advantage of its hidden features.

By default, a custom lock screen is enabled, but it does not allow widgets to be added to it. If you prefer the vanilla Android lock screen, you can always enable it from Lock screen in the Settings app. To enable the Pro Mode on your OnePlus 6, open the Camera app and swipe up from the bottom.