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Let's get one thing straight. One might think this had already been scientifically proven, given the regular marriage proposals within his boutiques, the label's cult status and the adoration for Louboutin's shoes. Harley Lewin, the attorney for Louboutin, said his client is "very, very pleased" with the decision, adding that nontraditional trademarks such as colors have to be developed over time.

Once the ECJ reaches its verdict, it will be up to the Dutch court that referred the case to take the final decision on whether Louboutin's red sole can be a trademark. The red-soled shoe has been a staple of Christian Louboutin footwear since the early 1990s.

3. The Red Sole: A genuine Christian Louboutin red sole is always a bright red hue with a high gloss finish. In the court papers, Yves Saint Laurent cited "the red shoes worn by King Louis XIV in the 1600s and the ruby red slippers that carried Dorothy home in The Wizard of Oz".

A red sole acts as a declaration and Louboutin's signature. Christian Louboutin shoes, popularized by countless well-heeled celebrities who can afford them, range from strappy and spiky to crystal-encrusted and furry. Whether covered in sequins and frills of ribbon, or simply in highly polished patent black, the French designer's shoes are known for their lengthening, tautening and perkifying effects.

Going on to serve as a freelance designer, louboutin paris outlet designed women's shoes for Chanel , Yves Saint Laurent , and Maud Frizon In the late 1980s, he turned away from fashion to become a landscape gardener and to contribute to Vogue but missed working with shoes and set up his company in 1991.

According to the decision, Christian Louboutin introduced his signature red sole in 1992 and registered the red-lacquered outsole as a trademark in 2008. The heels Louboutin now offers because of that realization range from porcelain" to deep chocolate," as the brand describes them on its Instagram page.

The baby shoe collection, which is aptly named the Loubibaby collection , consists of four pint-sized pairs of mary janes in pink, red, blue, and gold, all with Christian Louboutin's signature red sole, of course. Christian Louboutin shoes have a distinct signature red sole.

Attorney David H. Bernstein, who represented Yves Saint Laurent, told the Associated Press that the ruling was "a total victory for us," since the company would be able to continue making all-red shoes. There's a man from American Vogue to see the new collection, amazing tall, spiky shoes that look like a cross between a flamingo and a triceratops.

Dress up your outfit with Louboutin's signature red sole. And so, the first red-soled court shoes were born, becoming iconic in their own right. Fake red soles are a deeper red hue and tend to have a matte looking finish rather than glossy one. Lastly, the loop on the L" located on an authentic Christian Louboutin shoe will appear almost touching the rest of the L." In the replica the L" will not touch and there is a notable space in-between.

While his legion of loyal ladies may be the foundation for the brand's success, Louboutin has turned his attention to the gents in recent years, slowly rolling out a full line of footwear for guys that bears the hallmarks of his playful, sometimes subversive design aesthetic.