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How to lose 10 pounds of weight per week is a secret that every obese or fat or large sized person wants to uncover today, given our 21st century sedentary lifestyles, which are not being any helpful in helping us maintain an ideal or healthy weight. This couple with the distraction of junk food in every nook and cranny to tease one's taste buds, makes it all the more difficult for ordinary people to maintain a desirable figure.

If you can lose your weight, the first and foremost compliment is the one that your mirror will give you every day when you can fit into the sexiest and trendiest of clothing without having to look oversized or out of shape. More than anything else, a beautiful, light and toned body, implies a healthy and young you that everyone craves to be like. 

The larger your size, the more the amount of enzyme activity in your body. The more the number of toxins in your body and consequently the more the possibility of diseases in your body. You can lose 10 pounds of weight per week if you can concentrate on incorporating a diet that aims at cleansing your colon. This is the only way and also the most effective way to achieve the quickest of possible weight loss.

When we eat unhealthy food, we are making our colons, the storehouse of all possible wastes and toxins that find it hard to find their way out of our system, thereby making us lethargic, obese, oversized and unattractive. Trans fats, saturated fats, processed foods, canned foods, junk foods, preservatives, insecticides and pesticides not properly washed off food grains, fruits and raw vegetables are all sources of the contaminating waste material that occupies our colons.

Finding a consistent and permanent outlet for these wastes from our colons is the best way to quickly lose weight. These accumulated toxins and daily storage themselves make up for the reasons, why we find our large weight stagnant or increasing, as time passes by, because there is an uncontrolled supply of wastes daily to our systems.

An average human carries nearly 8 pounds of colon waste, which is horrible for the body in the long run. It makes your body the center of all diseases and distortions. Any natural colon cleanser is a good alternative to help clear up as much as 3 to 4 pounds from your colon, thereby helping you win nearly half the battle in your 10 pound per week, weight loss quest. 

A badly functioning or a semi-dysfunctional colon promotes fat deposition in place of fat elimination. Once your colon is cleansed with a natural colon cleanser, your body's ability to eliminate fats increases, implying a better metabolic rate. This is because eliminating excess wastes helps restore the colon back to its original optimum functioning. 

If you digestive system is not burdened with toxins, then it has the capacity to digest and convert your intake of food into instant energy instead of layers of fat deposition. This also implies better absorption of nutrients and a healthier you, in spite of losing weight at the rate of 10 pounds per week.

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