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URL Shortener makes a short version of a long given URL. Sometimes a short URL is useful simply to give someone over a telephone conversation for a one-off access or file download, and no longer needed within a couple of minutes. For example, when you click the Share button on YouTube, it gives you a shortened version of the URL, starting with (as shown below).

When I discovered paid link shorteners, they appeared to be a great additional stream of revenue for two of my websites, so I decided to give them a try. Has the analytics platform narrowed down to perfection, definitely consider them as one of your first choices in learning more about modern link shortening.

Printed media is one place where you are better off using URL shorteners to replace your long original URLs. UrlCode- The Unique code created in shortUrl. Share the link with the URL Shortener app (listed as Shorten URL in the menu). But more and more I hear people saying that they don't trust bitly shortened links.

It has disadvantages but it also has many advantages over using a long URL, especially for microblogging Ultimately, just having a short URL to access your Web page tops the list of advantages, but it can also help with keeping links intact in email or text messages and it can be useful for SEO ( search engine optimization ) when you use a short URL service that allows you to choose keywords in the short URL.

In terms of security, remember that you have no control over the URL shortener service and should they fall victim to malicious hacking so will your short URLs. Personally, I use Hootsuite and take advantage of their URL shortener. This can result in URLs that are hundreds of characters long and that contain complex character patterns.

Looking at a few examples, we can quickly notice that the more characters we allow in our shortlinks, the more different ShortLinks we can have without making our ShortLinks longer. Create a Snip by just entering the link to the post then add a call-to-action link of your website with the link text and the message you want to display on the pop-up and your call-to-action- button is created.

URL shortening may be utilized by spammers or for illicit internet activities. On top of the inconvenient mentioned above, here's another one: some people aren't willing to click links that hide the destination. Jay Baer does it on Social Pros, Joe Pulizzi uses bitly links on This Old Marketing and there are many more examples of top marketers that are using custom bitly's because they know the links are easy to remember.

Shorten almost any web address with the help of URL shortening service. You can choose to use Buffer's own " shortener, or the shorteners at , , or custom solutions. It's a simple tool that allows you to overlay your customized message onto the shortened link. With four different API tools, admin panel, social media network login, and more, you'll be up and running your own customized URL shortener system in no time.

Now that all URLs posted to Twitter take up either 22 or 23 characters regardless of their actual length, the main point of a URL shortener is to make the links in your tweets and other social media postings look neater and bestow an air of professionalism upon them.

What each of these sites offer varies, but many show clicks, referrers (the sites in which a URL is clicked on), and rough geographic locations of the people who clicked on a link. So even though I stick with bitly for my Instagram links I wish that Twitter would let us customize links so they would be easier to remember.

To shorten a URL, click the bookmarklet and the sidebar will launch with the open tab's URL pasted in and automatically shortened. The best part about using Bitly is that you can easily manage, share, and track your short URLs directly from your WordPress site.

: Modern URL shortener service and free. URL shortening is a technique that makes a site page can be accessed by using a URL that is very short in addition to the original address. In URL shortening, every long URL is associated with a unique key , which is the part after its top-level domain name For example, has a key of m3q2xt.