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Suspension And Chassis

2018.05.25 14:38

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We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. With oil hole in bushing in line with hole for grease fittings, and with the short groove on inside of bushing leading toward the expansion plug seat, press new bushing into arm of steering knuckle, using Driver J 1382-3, Spacer J 722-2, and Press Plate J 1649.

Coil springs allow the vehicle to absorb bumps, and keep the passenger comfortable. 28 The fork cap is locked to the cartridge rod with a lock nut. Then remove the front side A-arm bracket (one big nut at inboard end plus two small bolts in the spring pan). Support rear end of car on jacks placed under rear axle housing so that weight of car will be on rear springs.

Although today's springs are made to last a very long time, there are occasions when the suspension springs will wear out and need to be replaced. Springs are under pressure at all times, even when the vehicle is parked. After you've removed and installed the new shock or strut, you'll be ready to install the new rear springs.

Unlike the larger spring compressors in which the entire strut assembly is inserted inside, portable spring compressors are smaller in size and can easily be carried to wherever they're needed. The upper shock mount is removed with the floor jack placed under the lower control arm.

Diagnosing a spring as faulty is simple is the spring is cracked, broken, or if the vehicle is leaning to one side, however, if the vehicle has excessive body roll, but the vehicle sits level, the ride height at all four wheels, the spring height on all four springs, and the tire pressure will all be recorded.

Final assembly will wait until the suspension and drivetrain are loaded into the car, at which point we will install the steering box, shocks, and torsion bars. By far the front upper and lower control arms last the longest. If bushings are so tight that pressure springs yoke end of knuckle, place Spacer J 722-2 between yoke ends to one side of bushing.

We went with new PST upper control arms, which come with ball joints and bushings already installed, and with a nice gloss-black powdercoat finish. When it fails, the wheel involved will try to part company with your vehicle, and not quite succeed in doing so. This will precipitate two unfortunate events: loss of control at some speed, and considerable damage to the rest of the vehicle.

The leaf spring is supported by the lower control arm valley. Run a "safety chain" (B) through the spring and around the lower control arm- leave about 10" of slack in the chain- to allow the lower control arm to drop enough to get the spring out. A few whacks should loosen it. If you can't get it that way, you must drive a balljoint separator between the a-arm and the ball joint.

Place jack under lower control arm, raise wheel off floor, and remove wheel and tire assembly. The ball joint studs are removed with the same puller. You'll find these slinky-shaped springs located above the front and rear wheels. On vehicles with advanced steering and suspension systems, the failed spring will illuminate traction and stability system lights, and possibly the anti-lock brake warning light as well.

11: Loosen the upper control arm mounting bolts and carefully remove the shims. Figure 6. Uppermost boom section is resting on ground, and no pins between uppermost boom section and crane body are to be removed. Remember that there will be a lot of spring pressure on ‘A' arms, so be very, very careful when you remove these bolts and nuts.

The only thing holding the steering knuckle assembly together is the three bolts attached to the dust shield, caliper mount bracket, and steering knuckle arm shown below. Now the upper control arms can be removed with an 18mm deep socket. I begin by cutting the outer portion of the upper control arm bushing that protrudes past the arms bushing opening.

We cover tools that make it easy to press out bushings, compress springs, separate ball joints, loosen shock tower bolts, and more. Undo the spindle bolts and remove the entire upper A arm assembly as a unit if you got the lower ball joints loose. Front suspension parts eventually wear out, but this sudden onset of slop in your ball joint probably means a lubrication failure.