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The fourth generation Corvette was a radical departure from General Motors early Corvette engineering. It eliminated a perimeter frame to support the suspension and driveline. Two front frame rails integrated into the first ever Corvette uni-body construction. This made for an interesting driveline mounting installation. The front suspension subframe was bolted to the frame rails while providing engine mounting points. Let us change your springs or fork cartridge. If all you were after was to replace the shock absorber, you can skip most of the steps above, just jack up the A-arm and remove the shock absorber. The additional weight is the amount of overload on springs and rear axle.

Loading the bushing into the control arm first can damage the bushing when installing the pivot shafts. We have all the appropriate tools to do it properly without e.g. damaging your shock spring or fork top-caps. The original springs for any vehicle were designed specifically for that vehicle, and have many properties besides their weight capacity and physical dimensions.

Suspension springs begin to sag and lose a tremendous amount of spring pressure as they age. In a perfect world, you could simply press down on the lower control arm and the stud would drop free of the strut. The forks and shock are then re-assembled with all new bushings and seals, correct oil levels, nitrogen pressures, and the correct springs for your weight and riding style.

I'll leave you to your own devices as to how the loosen the ball joint from the knuckle because the way I do it (with a big hammer and a drift) may mess up the threads if you aren't careful. Next, I removed the lower control arm from the spindle by taking off the lower ball joint.

Replacing or servicing the entire CV joint axle assembly may be the smarter move since replacing a boot may involve removing an axle, which may also involve removing half or all of the vehicle's brakes and suspension. The lower ball joints are specific to left and right, and the steering arms go toward the rear.

1951 Buick shock absorber calibrations as furnished in production, and as given in Chassis Suspension Specifications (par. RE Suspension has our roots in understanding advance auto racing suspension technology, shocks and springs for asphalt racing, road racing and drag racing.

There are also "heavy-duty" shocks and struts with larger diameter pistons that increase resistance for greater control. When I did the ASB and shocks on my 244, the wrench removed all nuts easily. Remove tie rod end from steering arm - may be easier said than done.

Use all of the following steps for replacement of 1951 Buick control arm shaft and bushings. Be very careful because the spring will still be under compression when the nut reaches the end of the bolt. Full Suspension Complete Overhaul $300: Complete disassembly of bike including rear suspension pivots.

Unlike the larger spring compressors in which the entire strut assembly is inserted inside, portable spring compressors are smaller in size and can easily be carried to wherever they're needed. The upper shock mount is removed with the floor jack placed under the lower control arm.

We went with new PST upper control arms, which come with ball joints and bushings already installed, and with a nice gloss-black powdercoat finish. When it fails, the wheel involved will try to part company with your vehicle, and not quite succeed in doing so. This will precipitate two unfortunate events: loss of control at some speed, and considerable damage to the rest of the vehicle.

31: Install the spindle onto the lower control arm and tighten the nut. Cutting or heating springs to alter the vehicle's ride height is never recommended, and will create unpredictable, often uncontrollable driving conditions. Before you remove this bolt and nut, place your jack stand underneath the lower control arm and crank it up until you see the spring begin to slowly compress.