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We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. The coil springs hold the weight of the vehicle, and allow the wheels to travel vertically when the wheels encounter an obstacle. With the fork cap out of the way, relieve the tension on the fork spring and remove the spring compressor tool. If the car bounces slightly about one more time and comes to a rest, the strut is all right.

If coil springs are not completely understood, as well as safety measures for disassembly, a professional technician should complete the repair. You have two choices: either raising the strut-which means fighting a spring stout enough to hold up one corner of your car-or dealing with the sway bar.

If your vehicle uses upper and lower control arms, you'll need a spring compressor. The jack must be located under the control arm- where the shock absorber mounts "D". When the cap is unscrewed, it is time to compress the fork spring. Once the assembly was secured, I removed the brake line at the caliper.

The rear end of the strut rod is a round bushing with a bolt going through the frame mount and the bushing. Disconnect tie rod end ball joint (or unbolt steering arm on MGB). This shows the link being removed from the anti-roll bar. The same 18mm nut and 15mm bolt are removed from the spindle knuckle.

Coil springs allow the vehicle to absorb bumps, and keep the passenger comfortable. 28 The fork cap is locked to the cartridge rod with a lock nut. Then remove the front side A-arm bracket (one big nut at inboard end plus two small bolts in the spring pan). Support rear end of car on jacks placed under rear axle housing so that weight of car will be on rear springs.

I didn't want to replace the bushings or ball joints though being they were in good shape so I saved some time and money that way. Insert the lower control arm bolt and tighten the nut on the back side. On top you cam remove one arm from the shock absorber, then separate the trunnion from the other shock arm.

Now you should be able to depress the control arm far enough for the stud to clear the strut. Once the inner ‘A' arm bolts are removed, remove the ball joint nuts and the ‘A' arms should fall off. Unbolt the upper control arm at the cam bolts. Query on 89 745T: What's the best procedure for replacement of the front suspension radius arm bushing with minimal disassembly?

The rear camber strut rod bushings wear the most due to their thin strip of rubber that wraps around the inner sleeve. Whether it's one or two, replacing struts typically requires suspension disassembly and wheel realignment, meaning that it is a job best left to the professionals.

So by the time you think you need new shocks or struts, it's usually way past the point when they should have been replaced. Work approximately one tablespoon of wheel bearing lubricant into outer bearing assembly then install wheel, outer bearing and cone, safety washer, and nut on spindle.

29: Start the re-assembly by installing the lower control arms first, then install the upper control arms and shims and torque the mounting bolts and nuts to specs on both control arms. While on the alignment rack and doing the alignment, you remove the front upper strut nut (holding the upper strut plate to the body), then take a hammer and pound the stud out of that plate.

The rear spindle rods get the same rubber removal to ease disassembly. You can now use the ball joint separator to separate the spindle from the lower control arm. Air-assist shocks have an adjustable air bladder that acts like a spring to carry extra weight.