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When you start adding UTM tags to URLs, they can get even longer, and more complex. URL shortening service is being discontinued. Just go to and paste your long link in the appropriate box to create your shortened link. A circumvention could be that a website provided its own shortlinks instead of relying on a third-party shortening service - but this is not common.

Are you using a branded link shortener? With full documentation and support included, the Premium URL Shortener should not be overlooked. The latter group is being directed to Firebase Dynamic Links with today's announcement meant to refocus" Google's efforts. I hope more people start to use the actual url of the posts as with short urls you never know where you will end up landed.

: Another URL to access the Adfly shortener. Although these types of preventative measures provide some protection, you can't dictate which shortening service people use. You can easily add links one at a time, but this also supports bulk import. What's your preferred method of shortening URLs?

There are so many articles about top paid link shorteners list" and every article just come up with lame points on why one should go for so and so link shortener tool. The best part about link shortening is perhaps the statistics. If you're looking for something altogether more fully-featured than Bitly, but that can also provide you with that custom URL shortened domain, then  could be worth checking out.

Once clicked, the URL of the present tab is shortened and automatically copied to the clipboard. A shorter URL has fewer characters than a longer one. When you see the or short links, you're more likely to click on them because you're familiar with the brands and trust them.

Formerly part of Zapier's Formatter, the URL Shortener is now its own tool that can automatically shorten links. URL shortening uses an HTTP redirect technique, which facilitates the multiple URL availability for specific Web pages. Links can be a little unwieldy sometimes.

If you've ever relied on to tighten up links for you, it's time to start thinking about alternative URL shorteners. In some cases you can use a shortener to have a more pleasing Web address. Do you share links on whatsapp ? In this article, I am going to talk about a new service from Google called Google URL Shortener Actually, it's been around since December of 2009 as a feature of Feedburner and the Google Toolbar.

ShortSwitch is a slightly lower cost service than , but provides some of the same basic service ' meaning link shortening with the custom short URL of your choice and an option to integrate with Google Analytics, as well as providing its own reporting on your most popular social updates.

Another great aspect of this app is that they have beautiful analytics reports for your URLs. In a new blog post, Google has announced that it's shuttering its URL shortening service on March 30, 2019, paving the way for developers to shift their focus to its Firebase Dynamic Links API.

Some will redirect the root to a different place, some make a public interface for anyone to shorten links, some make a portfolio. Google have their own URL shortener for Chrome and Firefox You could also use Chrome's multi-URL shortener and expander to shorten and expand different URLs shortened by a selection of URL shorteners.