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Professional Hair Labs is normally a truly global enterprise. No matter where you are in the globe, you can provide your clients with the reassurance that just the world’s best hair replacement adhesive can provide. Even more than our high-efficiency product line, this is exactly what really pieces us aside from our competitors. Every single one of our products has a aesthetic certificate, and every one is planned. This means that we can easily ship to any nation in the European Union, and virtually everywhere else in the world.

The world’s most popular water-resistant cosmetic adhesive for wigs and hairpieces.

If you have been looking for the best high-quality locks adhesive for your client’s high-end wigs and hairpieces, your search has ended...

Because our product will not contain Hexane, Xylene or Toluene, there is no restrictions on where it can be shipped or sold. Because of the known health risks associated with these substances, most of our rivals - even some extremely popular brands and items - cannot ship globally. Salons and hair replacement specialists who continue to use these products, no matter where they are, are putting themselves at risk for lawsuits. Regardless of how they are marketed, regardless of what promises their labels make, they aren't safe for use on the skin. For this reason commitment to basic safety, professional Hair Labs can import and export freely, globally, without borders and without customs issues of any kind. E mail us today to sign up for a wholesale account.

Since Professional Locks Labs may be the developer, manufacturer, merchant, wholesaler and distributor, you have a primary series to us when you need it. If you require support or training for your staff, or in case you have queries or concerns about a specific product or technique, we are usually happy to help.

Pro Hair Labs certainly are a formidable entity in the beauty bonding world, known as much because of their exceptional customer service for their market leading products. When you decide to use us, you’ll be assured the VIP treatment as soon as you pick up the telephone.Within our internal team, we have acres of experience and expertise from over the hair adhesive and scalp treatment spectrum.