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Signs your man is cheating are all around you. You just do not know what to look for when your man begins sneaking around your back and visiting other women. Infidelity in either a man or women stinks, let's be honest. You pour you're heart and soul into a relationship and to have your trust broken is very hard for any human to deal with. If you really want to know the signs of cheating men and can handle the truth, you should read each word in this article and soon realize the signs he gives off without realizing it.

Fashion Sense - Watch out for your man slowly changing in a fashion sense. You're a women and you already know how influential your taste can be on your man when he is dressing himself. When your man starts to dress in a different fashion than he normally does, it's a red flag. He might have started listening to the other women and dressing himself like she would want.

Electronics - Wow, this one is a huge warning sign. When he becomes protective over his cell phone and spends a little too much time on the internet at night. You can bet he has another female influence in his life. Does he constantly erase cell phone numbers and messages? Does he keep his computer habits and websites he visits to himself? It s subtle sign you need to be aware of.

Gym Habits - He started going to the gym. Good for him, if he is there to change his body appearance for himself. But, what if he is getting a better body to impress another lover. It happens, men want to impress on all fronts and when someone enters our life we find attractive. Off to the gym we go. This sign is not a sure bet like the others. You should see if his interest in working out is for his health or another women.
Look for these three signs your man is cheating if you are worried he is found another lover. It's better you find out today and end his run of infidelity, put him in his place and get on with you're life and finding a real man, not a childlike boy.

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