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There are many different situations that could lead to a survival scenario, and any of them could happen to you. What's inside: Each month, you'll revise a box of tactical and survival gear hand picked by their staff of US Special Operation veterans. Sure, this is bulkier and heavier than most other tools on this list. This military style backpack from Reebow Tactical is a great tactical gear pack with a ton of nooks and crannies to put stuff.

Prepare yourself for any situation or catastrophe with our line of essential survival gear, including survival kits, emergency food and water storage, first aid kits, survival food, among other innovative products. That trusty Survival Kit you remembered to pack, along with a big dose of courage and, of course, a good quality machete, knife or axe.

Curated by survival experts, The Seventy2 Survival System contains 35 top quality tools and instructions you need to survive in a hurricane, earthquake, or any emergency situation. I already mentioned several of these in the post, Unusual Survival Gear , but this is a much longer list.

Any good survivalist knows that you can never have enough food stockpiled. Most people will find that a custom kit specific to your place of residence or travels will do you much better than a generic grouping of items. A flashlight may not be the first survival tool you think of, but it is important.

A reliable water filter or water straw that removes 99.9 percent of viruses and germs is part of the best survival gear you'll need. A.S.E. offers a large inventory of military-approved items as well as our own line of no-frills survival gear with a focus on dependability.

The 2nd most important tool that you should definitely include in your fire kit is a Lighter. Practice using these tools under different conditions, including during difficult weather, in poor light and while cold and tired. Note that it's not just the number of compartments you need the most in your tactical backpack, you have to factor in the quality of the material being used in the process too.

If you'd like to see what I'm using, check out my article on what I carry in my 25 pound bug out bag This is really the best all-around stocking-stuffer gift out there for pretty much everyone on Earth. It is the basic first aid tool to absorb the bleeding, if you're packing the bug out bag, then definitely include the gauze.

But, there are certain sections that you can focus on. When talking about tools, this could be your means of acquiring food (weapons), starting a fire, seeing in the dark, and hydration. You've got gear, and you need to be mobile so you need a survival backpack.

With that in mind, we worked closely with first responders, doctors, special forces operators, mountain guides and other experts to develop the world's best seventy two hour survival kit, a product that changes a potentially deadly situation in to a minor inconvenience.

There is nothing more important than clean water in each and every survival scenario you can think up. You can go on without food for far longer than fresh water — carrying a device into the field that ensures you stay hydrated is a must for any serious trekker.
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