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Porcelain crown in District 10, Doctor Mai Xuan Ngoc
Dr. Mai Xuan Ngoc, a prestigious dentist in District 10, specializes in porcelain veneers, the lowest cost of porcelain crowns in District 10, 10 years warranty.

The porcelain crown consists of two components, the inner side of which can be metal or porcelain and porcelain.

1. Types of porcelain teeth
a. Porcelain crowns:
The crowns cover and cover the teeth, and are attached to the teeth by cement. As crowns cover the entire outer surface of the teeth, crowns if performed well, will create a new appearance of teeth. Dental crowns are a way to recreate a tooth that has been wormed or broken so that the teeth are re-shaped. The crown is also a way to help solidify teeth and is a good way to improve tooth extraction.

b. Porcelain porcelain:
Bridges are used to replace one or more missing real teeth, in a bridging manner between the teeth. The bridge is a type of denture, consisting of a bridge connected to two adjacent crowns to replace missing teeth. Two crowns on the two lateral teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are attached and hold fasten the bridge on the teeth on either side.

c. Bonding porcelain veneer:
Veneer porcelain or porcelain dental restorations are the ideal method for teeth that are too large, too small, or have a porous surface. Veneer porcelain paste solution at Dr Ngoc Dental Clinic, a dental porcelain dental clinic in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City will help you get a beautiful and durable smile.

Usually, most people have poorly orthodontic teeth, tooth decay, tooth defects, teeth with small holes in them, or teeth of unusual size. Veneer porcelain remedies will help you solve all of those problems and bring you a healthy, beautiful, confident smile.

2. Types of porcelain crowns:
a. Porcelain crowns:
The porcelain Cr-Ni is also called porcelain teeth, the internal alloy is Cr-Ni. This alloy has the disadvantage that after a period of use will be oxidized leading to blackened neck and no teeth with good genetic correlation with gum tissue, easily lead to gingival manifestation of tooth roots. However, this type of porcelain tooth has relatively low cost.

b. Titanium dental crowns:
Titanium porcelain teeth as well as ordinary porcelain teeth, but metal inside is Titanium, a metal with very good biological compatibility, no reaction, allergies. Replacing nickel-chromium alloy to minimize bleeding gums after a period of use.

c. Precious metal porcelain:
Precious metal porcelain is a porcelain tooth whose main metal part is gold, which overcomes all defects of common metals. However, the price is very high because the production process with high technology, modern equipment to achieve optimal accuracy.

- Advantages:

High durability.

When using precious metal, you will not worry about graying your teeth after years of use.

Natural color than porcelain teeth.

+ Easy to adapt to teeth and gums as well as to limit discoloration of teeth.

+ Gold is antibacterial, so precious metal porcelain teeth have anti-inflammatory effect.

- Defect:

Due to the use of rare metals and high performance engineering requirements therefore cost is higher than that of titanium and conventional metal teeth. There are very few dental clinics that can do this and you need to choose reputable, reputable, reputable dental addresses.

d. Zirconia Ceramic Cover - Cercon:
Zirconia porcelain - Cercon porcelain is a type of porcelain tooth whose ribs and outer parts are made of porcelain.


Zirconia porcelain - Cercon completely overcome the disadvantages of common metals (not black border gums, do not change color, not affected by light ...) tissue biocompatibility is very good. Therefore, the cost is relatively high, due to the production process with CAD / CAM technology, modern equipment to achieve absolute accuracy.

Zirconia porcelain - Cercon has a beautiful natural color, allergy-free. This type of porcelain teeth with precision, aesthetic. Zirconia slabs are high tech materials used in spacecraft, artificial joints in medicine ..., have high strength and durability. With these advantages, Zirconia Cercon teeth is the best choice.


Because of the use of CAD / CAM technology, expensive Zirconia ingots are imported from overseas. Therefore, the cost of ceramic porcelain Zirconia - Cercon is quite high (about 4,000,000 VND / unit). However, thanks to the advantages compared to the normal porcelain teeth, more and more patients choose this type of porcelain teeth, especially for the tooth requires high aesthetics. You also need to find the best dentists in District nha khoa quận 10 for advice as well as to avoid the use of non-genuine Zirconia - Cercon teeth.

To know more about what you should do, you can contact Dr Ngoc Dental, a porcelain dental clinic in District 10.

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